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Beautifully Crafted
Wedding Ceremonies 

Hello and Welcome!

Congratulations on
your upcoming wedding!
I create and officiate beautiful, meaningful wedding ceremonies.
Your ceremony is about an expression of true love, and it is the heart of your Wedding Celebration.
Of all your wedding day events, none will be as significant as the minutes entrusted to the wedding minister performing your ceremony to become united as husband and wife.

With each couple, we consider the whole ceremony as a way of expressing what is in their hearts. Most often couples let me weave into the ceremony elements of
their personal love
story...making each
ceremony one of a kind.

Couples can choose from many different vignettes, such as the unity candle, sand blending, wine sharing, or the beautiful rose ceremony.

Selecting custom-wedding vows and rituals, that have deep meaning for each couple, create memorable moments filled with smiles, joy and tears, truly reflecting to your family and friends your love and joy in becoming husband and wife.

I will gladly walk couples through various selections to choose what best conveys your love and values.
A fabulous wedding ceremony is designed to include family and friends who share your event. With this in mind, often the bridal party stands facing their guests allowing them to share more fully in every part of your wedding, and it makes for superb pictures, too. 

So if your wedding is one that is beautifully traditional, casually elegant, or a fun destination, I will create a ceremony to compliment your distinctive style and deliver your ceremony with light-hearted enthusiasm and heart-felt spirit.

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